›› Welcome to the Institute of Management Accountants Delaware Chapter!!!

IMA-Delaware Chapter is part of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), a well-known National professional organization with global reach.


IMA provides best-in-class certification, the Certified Management Accountant (CMA®), for critical internal financial management responsibilities, including planning, budgeting, business reporting, decision analysis, and risk management. With a network of more than 60,000 members in 120 countries, IMA provides localized services through its offices in Montvale, N.J., USA; Zurich, Switzerland; Dubai, UAE; and Beijing, China.

Mission Statement:
IMA’s mission is to provide a forum for research, practice development, education, knowledge sharing, and the advocacy of the highest ethical and best business practices in management accounting and finance.

About the Profession:
The vast majority of accountants and financial professionals—80%, in fact—work inside businesses and organizations. Their work is essential to financial management, organizational development, and the achievement of strategic goals. While external auditing is a very visible part of the accounting profession, sound internal finance and accounting operations are essential for the proper functioning of any organization.

The roles and responsibilities of internal accountants and financial professionals include:

IMA provides advocacy and support for the professionals who perform these vital functions within businesses

For more information about IMA, please visit www.imanet.org.

About IMA Delaware Chapter:

The IMA Delaware Chapter provides excellent opportunities for people in the accounting and financial industries to network, participate in educational programs, and serve the community.  Sponsored programs include:


Membership in the IMA Delaware Chapter provides opportunities for you to “strengthen your skills”, “connect with your peers”, “expand your career potential”, and “inform your strategic viewpoint”.  Our membership consists of representatives from small and large local businesses, as well as, students and academicians.

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